Best ways to get from Narita Airport to Tokyo

Thousands of visitors arrive at Narita Airport on a daily basis. For those who have visited Tokyo before, most of you would probably remember the LONG journey between Narita Airport and Central Tokyo, a distance of nearly 70 kilometers, requiring over an hour of travel time to cover… While the journey to the city can also provide a fantastic opportunity to catch up on some sleep, what are the best options for traveling from Narita airport to central Tokyo and how do they differ among each other?


Comfort and speed: Limited Express Trains

There are 2 types of Limited Express Trains that will bring you to central Tokyo with comfort and speed in mind. Both of these options cost approximately 3000 yen one-way based on regular fares, while discounted offers may be available for foreign tourists.


JR Narita Express

The JR Narita Express train features luxurious coach style cabins and reclinable seats, complete with AC outlets and USB charging ports. This train travels directly from Narita Airport to Tokyo Station without any stops in between, and then eventually branches into three different possible routes after arriving at Tokyo Station:

  1. Ofuna via Yokohama
  2. Omiya via Shibuya, Shinjuku and Ikebukuro
  3. Hachioji via Mitaka and Tachikawa.

For detailed information on train stopping procedures and the final destination, please pay attention to the broadcasted announcements made in Japanese, English, Chinese (Mandarin) and Korean. Japan Rail Pass holders may use the JR Narita Express service without any additional fees.


Keisei Skyliner Limited Express

The Keisei Skyliner Limited Express Train is equally just as luxurious and comfortable as the JR Narita Express, but uses an entirely different route to reach Ueno Station in Tokyo. From Narita Airport, most trains travel directly to Nippori Station and Ueno Station without making any stops along the way. Travel time to Ueno Station is more or less similar to the JR Narita Express Train.


Economical and speed:
Keisei Narita Sky Access Express

The Keisei Narita Sky Access Express provides quick and economical access to Tokyo using ordinary commuter trains. The train itself is nowhere as luxurious as the Narita Express or Skyliner Express trains, but nonetheless still very clean and comfortable to use. Furthermore, the Sky Access Train provides direct access right into the heart of Tokyo via the Asakusa Subway Line, serving popular destinations such as Asakusa, Ginza, Shimbashi, Shinagawa and Haneda Airport. For visitors willing to spend a little more time on the train in exchange for savings on the train fare, the Keisei Sky Access train is an excellent option for traveling to central Tokyo both quickly and economically at the same time. A one-way journey from Narita Airport to Asakusa in Tokyo merely costs 1300 yen, approximately half of the standard fares for Limited Express trains.  


Economical and comfortable:
the 1000-yen highway bus

The 1000-yen Highway Bus departs on a regular basis from outside Narita Airport terminal to Yurakucho Station in central Tokyo. For the most up-to-date information on bus stop locations, simply ask any airport staff for "1000-yen bus" and they will direct you to the ticketing agents, usually waiting outside the terminal at the bus staging zones.


Ultimate comfort:
Airport Limousine Bus

The Airport Limousine bus service provides direct airport-to-hotel transfer using modern highway coaches featuring comfortable seating, free Wi-Fi and electronic charging amenities. While travel time to the city may often be impacted by traffic congestions along the route, the Airport Limousine Bus remains a popular option for visitors who would like to be transported directly to the front doors of their hotels without any hassles along the way.


Luxurious and exclusive: private transportation and taxis

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When traveling as a larger group or family, it may actually make economical sense to arrange a taxi or private transfer service from Narita Airport directly to your hotel in central Tokyo. The average cost is around 17000 to 20000 yen to any hotel within Tokyo, while larger vehicles and more luxurious options are also available at additional costs.


Private and economical: car rental

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Car rental services are available at Narita Airport, and the average rental costs start from 7000 yen for 24 hours. A valid International Driving Permit is legally required for foreign tourists to drive on the roads of Japan. For visitors who are unfamiliar with Japanese language, traffic rules and road signs, driving in Japan may be challenging and nerve-wrecking; therefore, please review all Japanese traffic rules and road signs prior to renting a car in Japan!