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Located in the south on the island of Kyushu, Oita Prefecture is bursting with relaxation and adventure, spearheaded by the area’s powerful geothermal activity. A... Read More


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Mount Fuji is perhaps the most iconic landmark of Japan. For thousands of years, Mount Fuji has been regularly depicted in traditional paintings, ceramic creations,... Read More


The Aizu region in central Fukushima is one of Japan's most scenic regions, filled with fairy-tale picturesque forests, hidden villages deep within lush green mountain... Read More


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Nara Prefecture is located in the Kansai region of Japan, surrounded by a wealth of historical heritage sites. The prefecture borders Kyoto... Read More


A gorgeous, secluded region nestled between the mountains, Nagano seems to be a place that a lot of people tend to overlook... Read More


With 47 different prefectures to visit in Japan, there is almost an unlimited vein of activities and places to explore within the country.... Read More