Discover Tanegashima Island

Embark on a ferry ride from Kagoshima to the beautiful Tanegashima Island. Spend an afternoon at Kumano Beach, or explore the fascinating Tanegashima Space Centre. This island getaway provides a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure.

Things to see and do


Getting around Tanegashima Island

The easiest way to get around in Tanegashima Island is by car, since many of the major sights and attractions are not accessible by public transportation.
If you decide to rent a car, it is advised to do so from the mainland and hop on a car ferry to the island. You can check-out our listings for car rentals on the mainland, in the FAQ menu below. 

Getting to Tanegashima Island

How long to stay on Tanegashima Island

We recommend staying here for about one day. 

Hotels in Tanegashima Island

Flights to Tanegashima Island

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Day trips from Tanegashima Island

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Travel time:

Distance, km: 37.71

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