Discover The Ehime Prefecture

Ehime prefecture is located on the smallest of main islands of Japan, namely: Shikoku. Which is the only main island of Japan not connected by the shinkansen. Its inaccesibility throughout the history of Japan means that it has developed its very own unique identity, very distinct from the other mainland parts of Japan. More particularly, Ehime is home to Seto Inland Sea: a collecting of small islands that ideally should be traversed by bike and offers some of the most stunning views in all of Japan. 

Getting around in Ehime prefecture

Valid rail and bus passes:
Ehime prefecture has a multitude of railway and bus passes that make it easier to get around.
Check out our listings below for passes that are valid within Ehime prefecture.


Rental cars:

Airports in Ehime prefecture

The nearest and most convenient airport in the prefecture is Matsuyama Airport. 

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