Discover Nanatsuga Caves

Delve into the ancient wonders of the Nanatsuga Caves, some of Japan's oldest and most diverse caverns. These mysterious and awe-inspiring caves are just waiting for you to uncover their hidden secrets.

Things to see and do


Getting around in the Nanatsuga Caves

The easiest way to get around in the Nanatsuga Caves is by car, since many of the major sights and attractions are not accessible by public transportation.

Getting to the Nanatsuga Caves

Rental cars:

How long to stay in the Nanatsuga Caves

We recommend staying here for about one day. 

Hotels near the Nanatsuga Caves

Flights to the Nanatsuga Caves

The nearest and most convenient airport to the Nanatsugama Caves is Fukuoka Airport.

  • by car: approximately 1 hour

Seasonal information

Scenic rides:


*Be advised that scenic boat tours usually close down during the autumn and winter periods. We recommend visiting their website for the most up-to-date information. 

Festivals near the Nanatsuga Caves

Otomo Gion Festival

  • Date: July 16th and 17th

*Be advised that the following info is based upon previous entries of the festival and that the dates might have changed for the following year. It is also possible that the entire festival is cancelled in the case of heavy rainfall or a natural disaster. Please check with the official organisers' website for the most up-to-date information. 
​For the exact location of the festival, you can consult our map above by clicking on the icon in the upper most corner of the map to open the map legend. Festivals are hidden by default but can be made visible by clicking on the "Festivals" checkbox in the map legend.

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