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Situated on the island of Konshu, Naruto offers splendid ocean views and the opportunity to witness its natural whirlpool phenomenon, also known as Naruto. Book a ride on a sightseeing ferry to marvel at the whirlpool up close, or ascend the bridge for a different perspective. Discover the charm of this coastal town and its fascinating natural wonders.

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Getting around in Naruto

The easiest way to get around in Naruto is either by car or public transportation, since the major sights and attractions are easily accessible. Though, travelers will have to rely on single tickets or a prepaid card, since no special train or bus passes are provided within this area.


Getting to Naruto

Travelers who come by public transportation can choose between bus and train options from Osaka, which is the closest major city to Naruto.

  • By bus: multiple companies operate hourly highway buses between Osaka Station and Tokushima Station. These buses stop at Naruto Park and the Kosoku Naruto bus stop. The bus journey takes about 2 hours. From the Kosoku Naruto bus stop, it's a short walk and a subsequent local bus ride to Naruto Park, taking about 20 minutes​​.

  • By train: travelers can take a train from Shin-Osaka Station, first boarding a Sakura train on the JR Sanyo Shinkansen to Okayama (about 45 minutes), then transferring to the JR Marine Liner to Takamatsu (1 hour). From Takamatsu, the JR "Uzushio" limited express takes them to Ikenotani (1 hour), followed by a change to the JR Naruto Line to Naruto Station (20 minutes). From Naruto Station, there's a regular city bus service to Naruto Park, taking approximately 20 minutes​​.


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How long to stay in Naruto

We recommend staying here for about half a day.

Hotels in Naruto

Flights to Naruto

The nearest and most convenient airport to Naruto, Japan is Tokushima Awaodori Airport (TKS).

  • By car: approximately 15 minutes

  • By public transportation: approximately 40 minutes

Seasonal information

Scenic rides:


Be advised that scenic boat tours usually close down during the autumn and winter periods.

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