Discover The Niigata Prefecture

Niigata Prefecture is a haven for winter sports enthusiasts, boasting some of Japan's best ski resorts. During the summer months, visitors can embrace nature with picturesque mountain hikes or unwind in a traditional onsen town. Niigata is also renowned for its delicious sake, as the region's fertile lands produce high-quality rice, a key ingredient in this iconic Japanese beverage. Don't miss the coastal city of Sado, where you can explore the rich history of gold mining, or experience the annual Earth Celebration, a vibrant music festival hosted by the world-famous Kodo Taiko drumming group.

Getting around in Niigata prefecture

Valid rail and bus passes:
Niigata prefecture has a multitude of railway and bus passes that make it easier to get around.
Check out our listings below for passes that are valid within Niigata prefecture.


Rental cars:

Airports in Niigata prefecture

The nearest and most convenient airport in the prefecture is Niigata Airport, though there is no direct connection from Tokyo.

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