Discover The Nara Prefecture

Nara Prefecture, situated in the Kansai region of Honshu, is steeped in history and home to multiple UNESCO World Heritage Sites. These include the magnificent Todai-ji Temple, housing the world's largest bronze statue of Buddha, and the ancient Kasuga Taisha Shrine. Explore the city of Nara, where you can witness traditional festivals such as the Setsubun Mantoro Lantern Festival and interact with the friendly deer at Nara Park. Delight in the region's culinary offerings, from delicate persimmon leaf sushi to flavorful kakinoha-zushi.

Getting around in Nara prefecture

Valid rail and bus passes:
Nara prefecture has a multitude of railway and bus passes that make it easier to get around.
Check out our listings below for passes that are valid within Nara prefecture.


Rental cars:

Airports in Nara prefecture

There are no airports with scheduled airline services in Nara prefecture. The nearest and most convenient airport is Kansai International Airport in Osaka prefecture.

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